Writing Letters to Thank Brave Lawmakers

While the Senate’s consideration of the permitless carry bill, HB 746, remains up in the air, we need to thank the House members who voted against this bill and denied the vote from being by a veto proof margin.

These representatives agreed with us that allowing 18 year olds with no training to carry a hidden loaded weapon in public was a bad idea.

Now, these lawmakers, who put the safety of North Carolinians over partisan politics, are getting lots of calls from the other side asking them to vote yes if the bill comes back to them.

That is where you come in.  We know that many offices are no longer answering their phones or emails because of all of the calls that they are getting about a myriad of issues. Can you send a snail mail letter or card to one or more of the representatives below? Handwritten letters or cards are the most effective way of reaching our representatives right now.

Try and make your letter positive and meaningful. Here are a couple of sample points for your letter:

  • Thank them for prioritizing children and safety by voting against HB 746
  • Share why you are against HB 746
  • Urge another “no” vote if HB 746 is considered again or there is a veto vote

Below are the addresses of key representatives that voted against HB 746.

As always, thank you for taking this simple but important action. You are the ones that are protecting North Carolinians from gun violence.

Thank you,


N.C. House of Representatives
300 N Salisbury Street
Raleigh, NC 27603-5925

  • Rep. John Faircloth - Room 613
  • Rep. John Fraley - Room 637
  • Rep. Ted Davis Jr. - Room 417B
  • Rep. D. Craig Horn - Room 305
  • Rep. Frank Iler - Room 639
  • Rep. Chuck McGrady - Room 304
  • Rep. Linda Hunt Williams - Room 603
  • Rep. Michael Wray - Room 503
  • Rep. Ken Goodman – Room 542



N.C. House of Representatives
16 W Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

  • Rep. Sam Watford – Room 2121
  • Rep. Brian Turner – Room 1209

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