Who We Are

North Carolinians Against Gun Violence is made up of supporters across the state. Below are our board of directors, staff, and consultants.

Board of Directors

Don Arabian is a retired senior executive from the Federal government who is a local community organizer and strong advocate of gun violence prevention programs in South East North Carolina.

David Beck, born and raised in Winston-Salem, is the Director of Public Policy and Media Relations at Self-Help Credit Union in Durham since 1998. 

Beth Berngartt is currently retired after a career as a paralegal followed by over 20 years working in the non-profit management field in Raleigh.  She has been an active advocate against gun violence since moving to North Carolina from Georgia in 1989.

Kathleen Clarke-Pearson is one of our newest NCGV Board members.  She is a pediatrician and a long time supporter of NCGV.  Dr. Clarke-Pearson grew up in Queens, NY and has lived in NC for several decades raising 4 children.  Her older brother is a victim of gun violence and a survivor.   

Kris Evans holds an MBA and while she has spent the last decade out of the workforce to raise her kids, she has been an active volunteer with a number of non profits in the Charlotte area.

Chantell Felder is a full time mom and employee and aids in the fight against gun violence through her nonprofit, L5 Angels. L5 Angels is a 501c3 that participates in speaking engagements and community services events centered around gun violence. L5 Angels also offer a scholarship for siblings of gun violence victims.

Gerald Givens, Jr. is the President of the Raleigh Apex Chapter of the NAACP and has lost 5 family members to gun violence. He is a retired member of the air force. 

Wesley McMahon has ten years of experience working with non-profit organizations. He is currently a full time father of two young children and an active advocate against gun violence.  He is the president of the board of directors.

Zoe Nichols is a college student. She’s survived a code red drill, knows how to fire a gun, and believes that gun safety and personal freedom go hand in hand.

Aleta Payne is senior associate editor of Faith & Leadership. She is a native Virginian but has been a resident of North Carolina for almost two decades.

Renuka Soll has volunteered in her community while raising her children. She has been residing in North Carolina for about 15 years.

Jeremy Sugg is a husband, father and attorney in Charlotte who advocates for responsible gun ownership, and common-sense gun regulations.

Staff and Consultants

Rebecca Ceartas, Executive Director, has been leading NCGV since 2014 and has 20 years of experience with non profits.

Sara Smith, Statewide Community Organizer, has a background in public health and organizing, and brings 19 years of experience with non-profits and universities to NCGV.

Tracy Kondracki, Finance Administrator Consultantfounder of the Green Bean Counters, providing business services to non-profits and other environmentally & socially mindful small businesses since 2005.