GVP Tool Kit

We are only able to do this work with the participation of activists like you.

This toolkit will provide you with ideas and tools that you can use today to get out there and get started on building a Gun Violence Prevention (GVP) network of activists and supporters in your community and beyond.

We are excited to partner with you and cannot wait to hear about all the amazing work you will do!

Please feel free to contact us at ncgv@ncgv.org with questions success stories, for support, or with ideas for the future.

Year Round Activism:

What YOU can do to prevent gun violence

Once a Day:

● Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/saferNC  and follow us on Twitter @NCGV

● Repost and retweet our messages to help us spread the word!

 Once a Week:

● During the legislative session, make phone calls to key lawmakers in North Carolina to express your support for GVP values and legislation. All you need is a phone, a computer and access to the internet! We will send you a complete list of instruction once the virtual phone bank is set up.

● Help us spread the word by identifying local events in your community!

Email us at ncgv@ncgv.org to inform us about upcoming events and get everything you need to promote gun violence prevention by distributing informational literature and promotional materials in your community.

 Once a Month:

● Host a GVP potluck or house party, discussion, film screening or “stitch and b!tch” to educate your friends and raise awareness about preventing gun violence. Contact us at ncgv@ncgv.org for NCGV materials and house party kits to get you started.

● Look for GVP related articles in your local newspapers and local news websites. Submit a letter to the editor or an opinion---editorial to those media outlets about why gun violence prevention is important and how threats to our right to live safe and free from gun violence is unacceptable.

● Tell 5 friends about our issue and then bring them to an NCGV event.

● Email NCGV about internship opportunities at ncgv@ncgv.org

Once a Year:

● Register to vote or update your voter registration! Remember to vote in EVERY election, no matter how small. For more information, please visit the North Carolina Board of Elections website http://www.ncsbe.gov/

Help Build a GVP Presence in Your Community: Start or join a local GVP Action Team!

Become a member of our Legislative Action Team.

● Sign up to take action through our NCGV alerts when gun legislation is introduced.

● Write emails and letters to lawmakers in your district to voice your support of life saving gun violence prevention legislation and your opposition of legislation that threatens our right to be free from gun violence.

● Participate in our online virtual phone banks to thank key lawmakers for their support on GVP related legislation and urge them to stand with us on pro---active legislation and defeat legislation that puts our families at risk.

● Participate in our Virtual Lobby Days to urge lawmakers who may vote in favor of GVP legislation to stand with us against legislation that puts our families at risk. Just prior to or during session, contact ncgv@ncgv.org to participate in our Virtual Lobby Days.

● Participate in our in--‐person Legislative Lobby Days and Days of Action outside of the General Assembly in Raleigh.

Become a member of our Rapid Response Team.

● Write letters to the editor and op—eds when NCGV hits the news or when there are  articles in the local paper about the gun issue, domestic violence, suicide, child shootings, or legislation affecting the freedom of our families to feel safe and free from gun violence.

● Promote our community outreach events, legislative actions and GVP related news on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

● Keep us up to date on any and all salient articles in your local paper.

Join our Community Outreach Team

● Participate in NCGV tabling and crowd canvassing events throughout the year.

● Help us maintain a strong and visible presence in the community by educating your friends and neighbors about important GVP issues in your community.

● Participate in door--‐to--‐door canvassing to build support for key policy issues and encourage people to vote in state and local elections.

● Help us recruit volunteers by talking to interested individuals about your own experiences volunteering with NCGV.

● Help us organize a potluck or “Beer not Fear” happy hour in your area.

● Help keep us in the fight for a safer NC! All of our work requires funding -- enough to cover the costs of expanding our reach across the state, educational and advocacy programs, a staff, educational materials, and accounting and lobbying assistance.  If you are unable to donate, host a movie viewing or potluck with some friends who can contribute.

Resources for Success

By using this toolkit to make GVP change, you are joining a network of member activists across the state who stand up every day in support of our rights to be free from gun violence. The safety of our communities is in all of our hands and we are honored to be partnered with you to ensure there is a voice for prevention and safety here in North Carolina.

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