This Mother’s Day, Let’s Protect Our Kids

This mother lost her son when another child found an unsecured gun and accidently shot him.  This Mother’s Day, let’s commit to locking up our guns and asking other parents about guns and gun safety when a child goes over to another child’s house. It can and does save lives.  Contact us at if you want to be involved in the Asking Saves Kids campaign (ASK). 

“This Mother’s Day, as we honor moms and hold close those who desire to be moms, I ask that you also stand up for our kids.

lmost twice a week, a child is unintentionally shot and killed, often by another child.

Today, more mothers lose their children to gun violence than to organized warfare. Seven kids are killed by guns every day in the United States.

What I didn't do, what I wish I did-and what you can do- is ask the parent's of my son's friends if they had guns in their homes."

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