Thank NC Sheriffs

NC Sheriffs are crucial in the debate over keeping the successful pistol permit process that is eliminated in HB 562.  We know that the pistol permit works and saves lives.  If it is done away with, the dangerously mentally ill, convicted felons, minors and domestic violence abusers would be able to buy guns at gun show and other unlicensed dealers, no questions asked.  

Please sign the petition below to thank NC Sheriffs for supporting the successful pistol permitting process.



Dear Sheriff,

I’m writing to say thanks to you, sheriffs across the state, and the NC Sheriffs’ Association for speaking out in opposition to efforts to repeal North Carolina’s successful pistol permitting process and its related background checks.

This important provision has closed a federal loophole and kept guns out of the hands of felons, domestic abusers, minors, and the severely mentally ill by requiring a background check and permit for all handgun buyers, regardless of the seller.

As you know, pistol permitting systems like ours make a real difference. When Missouri repealed a similar law in 2007, 68 more people were shot to death per year. This is a 25 percent spike in the state’s gun homicide rate, which is now the fifth highest in the country.

In fact, requiring background checks for gun sales is the single most important step for reducing gun violence. In states like North Carolina that require all handgun buyers to pass a background check, 46 percent fewer women are shot to death by intimate partners, 48 percent fewer police officers are killed with handguns, and there are 48 percent fewer suicides with guns.

The NC public also understands that background checks are important–an overwhelming 87 percent of North Carolina likely voters support requiring criminal background checks on all gun sales.The voices of sheriffs are important in this debate, and it’s critical that lawmakers keep hearing from you.

Thank you for standing up and speaking out to keep NC’s communities and families safer.  We are grateful for your efforts!


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