Thank Courageous Lawmakers who Voted Against Permitless Carry

While HB 746, the permitless carry bill, passed the state house on June 7th it was a tight vote: 65 to 54. All Democrats and 8 Republican voted against the bill.  These courageous lawmakers put children and safety above special interest politics and also ensured that the bill did not pass with a veto-proof majority. .

Thank you for all of your calls and emails into key lawmakers. Your outreach ensured that HB 746 did not include   elimination of the pistol purchase permitting system and allowing campus carry.

During the debate Rep. John Faircloth (R-Guildford), a retired police chief, pointed out that the legislation would allow anyone, including those as young as 18 years old to fill a backpack with as many guns as it can hold.  He explained how gangs would use young adults to carry a cache of weapons and law enforcement would have no statute to protect the public.

Also of note, the NC Sheriffs Association, Chiefs of Police Association, and Fraternal Order of Police also expressed opposition about the legislation, noting their strong support for the concealed carry weapons permitting system.

The bill now moves to the Senate where it’s future is uncertain.  But first, it’s important that we take time to express our appreciation to supporters in the House.

Please call these lawmakers to thank them for being brave by putting communities above special interest groups.  Here is a sample message:  “I am calling to thank the representative for standing up for the safety of North Carolinians by voting against HB 746, the Permitless Gun Carry Bill .”

Rep. John Faircloth (R-Guilford) - 919-733-5877

Rep. John Fraley (R-Iredell) - 919-733-5741

Rep. Ted Davis Jr. (R-New Hanover) - 919-733-5786

Rep. D. Craig Horn (R-Union) - 919-733-2406

Rep. Frank Iler (R- Brunswick)- 919-301-1450

Rep. Chuck McGrady (R-Henderson) - 919-733-5956

Rep. Sam Watford (R-Davidson) – 919-715-2526

Rep. Linda Hunt Williams (R-Wake) - 919-733-2962

Rep. Brian Turner (D-Buncombe) - 919-715-3012  

Rep. Michael Wray (D-Halifax, North Hampton) -  919-733-5662

Rep. Ken Goodman (D-Hoke, Montgomery, Richmond, Robeson, Scotland)  - 919-733-5823

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