Eat and Work in Peace at Subway

John Chidsey
CEO, Subway
325 Sub Way 
Milford, CT 06461 

Dear Mr. Chidsey:

We are writing from North Carolina requesting that you exercise your right under North Carolina law to ban concealed carrying of firearms (G.S. 14-415.11(c)(8)) and open carrying of firearms ( G.S. 14-159.13) in your Subway restaurants. Customers and staff deserve the right to eat and work in peace, without intimidation. 

As you know, on May 9th, a dozen people carrying weapons marched through downtown Raleigh, NC and eventually entered one of your stores with their firearms in full display.  Thank goodness no one was injured or killed. 

We condemn these senseless provocations. Armed people walking around our state’s capital clearly seek to intimidate and send a message that somehow a stay-home order infringes on Second Amendment rights. This is false: firearm stores have remained open under the governor’s stay-home order.  

Allowing armed protestors to enter your Subway restaurants helps legitimize their outrageous behavior. 

By posting a conspicuous notice stating or showing that guns in the open or concealed are not allowed in Subways you would be protecting your staff and customers from intimidation, injury or even death. 

We urge you to ban firearms from Subways in North Carolina immediately. This blatant and dangerous intimidation should have no place in American society and should be forcefully opposed by public establishments such as Subway.  






Will you sign?