Stop the Concealed Carry Reciprosity Act

Even in the wake of the worst mass shootings in American history, Congress is gearing up to pass one of the NRA’s top priorities, a bill that would actually make it easier for more dangerous people - like stalkers, domestic abusers, people who have committed violent crimes— to carry a hidden, loaded gun in more public places.

Very soon the full House of Representatives could be taking their first vote on the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, a proposal that creates a dangerous threat to public safety by forcing states with strong concealed carry laws to honor permits from states with weak or non-existent concealed carry laws. This bill would allow people prohibited from getting a concealed carry permit in one state to simply apply for a permit in a state with weaker laws and get a license to carry.

We need YOU to help us stop this reckless legislation by CALLING CONGRESS NOW and telling them to oppose the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, a bill that will weaken our gun laws and make us less safe.

You can fine out who your federal representative is here. Then call them at 202-224-3121. Here is a sample message to use:

"Hi, my name is ______ and I’m a constituent of [Your Rep's name] calling from [Your City/Town]. I’m calling about the gun lobby’s attempts to push its dangerous agenda through Congress. This includes the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (HR 38), a bill that would severely threaten public safety and put law enforcement at risk. In light of the recent mass shootings, we need [Representative name] to find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby and do something to make our communities safer from gun violence."

With this bill, the gun lobby is pushing an agenda focused solely on increasing the profits of the gun manufacturers they represent, at the expense of public safety. It’s up to us to make sure they don’t succeed.

Call your member of Congress now and join us in sending a message that we will not stand for legislation that lets the gun lobby profit at the expense of our public safety.




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