Shooting for a better world?

Shooting for a Better World?

NC Congressman Robert Hudson must be a fan of ‘Westworld’. How else to explain his proposed legislation concerning conceal carry reciprocity?  He proposes that residents of states that issue gun permits with little regulation and no training, be allowed to bring their weapons to cities and states that have very deliberate regulations and mandatory training requirements.

So much for states’ rights.

But, the argument goes, we need good guys with guns to stop bad guys with guns. Even putting aside who’s who in that equation - does he watch the news? The judgment of trained police officers is under scrutiny and he wants us to trust the instincts of untrained, private citizens?

Opponents of gun control like to point to the cities and states that have tough gun laws on the books but continue to suffer gun violence. What they don’t mention is the reason for this: it doesn’t matter what one state prohibits if another allows it. Gun Control advocates have never managed to get the sweeping mandate they need to make gun control work.  It would be both sad and ironic if Mr. Hudson achieved such a mandate for his guns-out-of-control scheme.


Scott Mitchell

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