Say No to Unlimited Handguns with One Background Check

Imagine buying as many handguns as you want at one time with one permit and one background check. That could happen in North Carolina if a new version of state Senate Bill 90 becomes law. It is expected to be voted on in the Senate Judiciary committee on Tuesday, June 18th.

Under current law, handgun purchasers can purchase one handgun on one pistol purchase permit. S90 would allow one individual to buy an unlimited number of handguns with one permit and one background check. The existing pistol purchase permit limit helps sheriffs in their work to keep handguns out of the wrong hands and alerts them when an individual intends to purchase a large number of guns. Pistol purchase permits are good for 5 years.

S90 puts all North Carolinians at risk for more gun violence. Please call and email your state Senator today and ask him/her to vote against S90. You can find out who represents you and how to contact them here.

Here is a sample message to use:

“My name is ______ and I live in _______. I am calling to urge my senator to vote no on S90. There is no reason that people need to purchase an unlimited number of handguns with one background check. Our pistol purchase permitting system is strong and saves lives and helps our sheriffs. There is no reason to weaken it.”

Under current NC law, an individual must get a pistol purchase permit to buy a handgun in NC regardless of where it is purchased, including at gun shows or online. Our permitting process requires a background check. This is significant because the federal background check system only applies to guns bought from federally licensed dealers. Without our pistol purchase permit system, anyone could buy a handgun from a private seller online or at a gun show, no questions asked. Private sales account for 20% of the overall gun market.

Here in NC, we have closed the gun show/private seller loophole on handguns with our pistol purchase permitting system. You have to go to the sheriff’s department and apply for a permit to buy your handgun and undergo a background check. Legally, you must have this permit to purchase a handgun, regardless of where you are purchasing it.  

This is going in the wrong direction. Please call to stop S90 today.


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