After Santa Fe Tragedy - Act to Prevent Gun Violence in NC

The Santa Fe shooting is the 22nd school shooting in 2018.  22. Let that sink in. 22 times parents rushed to the scene to see if their children were alive. 22 times educators had to rush their students to safety.

This time, a student used his dad’s guns to kill 10 people and injure as many as 13 others.

We know there are lots of measures that can help stop these senseless school shootings and the killing of 104 Americans every day with guns.  Here in NC, we need to stop HB 746 from becoming law.

If enacted, HB 746 would allow 18 year olds with no training and no background check to carry a hidden loaded weapon in public. While our focus today is on school shootings, we must also act to stop gun violence on the sidewalks and cars outside of the school. 

Please call and/or write these senators and share with them why HB 746 is a dangerous bill and that you urge them to oppose it. Contact information is below:  

Here is a sample message:

Hi, my name is _____. I am calling to urge the senator to work to make sure that HB 746 is not brought up for a vote in the senate. I feel strongly that an 18 year-old with no training or background check should not be able to carry a hidden loaded weapon in public. This is a dangerous idea. Please get in touch with me to tell me your position on HB 746 – (contact information).

Please let us know how your calls went –

Together we can keep our communities safe from gun violence,


PS - Don't forget about our 25th anniversary celebration that will take place on Sunday, June 10th from 2-4pm at the NC Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill.  Click here for more details.