Progress We Have Made

NCGV has been fighting hard to reduce gun violence and keep our streets safe for nearly 20 years.  But right now, we’re seeing the perfect storm of reduced funding and an onslaught of state legislation that threatens the progress NCGV has made.  But there is good news:

Thank you for standing with NCGV to tell legislators not to pass the Concealed Carry in Bars and Restaurant bill!  This bill looks like it will be a no-go for 2012.   We deserve not to worry about loaded guns in family restaurants. 

But, NCGV’s primary mission of reducing gun violence and promoting gun safety remains as urgent as ever.  Please help us continue to defend your right to be safe and free from gun violence, and support NCGV today!  Even the smallest contributions can go a long way toward helping us preserve that freedom.

$17 will provide lifesaving information for 100 families who are concerned about how guns are stored in homes where children play and visit. Asking about guns saves kids!

$43 will purchase one violence prevention program curriculum for 35 kids. Developed by youth for youth!

$126 will provide one week of our six week comprehensive violence prevention programming for a youth struggling with their direction in life. One graduate of our program stated, “This program changed the way I see things.” On the verge of failing out of middle school, this participant has gone on to graduate from high school as an honor roll student, attends college classes, and works with youth in his community!

 $254 will sponsor a youth sports team to promote positive activities for youth who would not otherwise participate. One season of sports can teach a lot of cooperation and conflict resolution!

$499 will train the trainer to teach people who routinely come in contact with adolescents to recognize the warning signs of suicide. More lives are lost to suicide by firearm than all other forms of gun violence combined - and it can be prevented!

Please donate today!

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