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Give the Gift of Peace

 Just like you, NCGV has been shocked at the brutal bullying of children that has recently come to light across the nation.  As adults, we have a responsibility to create a safe and peaceful environment for all children.  In this role, we must take a stand against the trend of bullying and aggression sweeping our country.  We must teach our children that violence is never the answer.  

How do we build this safer community?  One way is by promoting toys that model cooperation. Toys are critical in a child's development, helping them know how to handle trauma and conflict in ways that are socially acceptable. Toys enable children to learn about the world and give them a means of self-expression.

Since 2003 NCGV has hosted the “Peace Toys for War Toys Exchange”. Children are invited to exchange their “war toys” for brand-new “peace toys.”  Working in high-risk communities this event underscores that violence is not child’s play, and that our community is committed to instilling the values of peace and justice in our children. The event also serves as a community reminder of the staggering number of persons who have lost their lives to gun violence.

Your donation goes directly to Toy Exchanges in North Carolina. Thank you for building peace.

Photo Credit: Leanora Minai

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