Oppose Permitless Carry, HB 746

On Thursday morning, June 1st, the House Finance Committee sent to the House floor legislation creating such a big loophole in our concealed carry weapons permitting system that would make the lifesaving law virtually meaningless. The bill could be voted on by the full House at any time.

Our only hope of ensuring that 18 year olds with no training are not allowed to carry hidden loaded weapons in public is by calling the representatives below.

The representatives below are representatives that have been open to common sense gun reforms and need to hear from North Carolinians that they want to save the concealed carry weapons permitting system.

Can you call them right now? 

The message is simple: I am calling about HB 746 and ask the representative to oppose changes to our concealed carry weapons permitting system. It has worked well for North Carolinians – gun owners and the general public.  Let’s keep it strong.

Let us know how your calls go – ncgv@ncgv.org and pass the alert on to 5 other people who care about the safety of our citizens.

Key Representatives

John Bradford – district 98, Mecklenburg - 919-733-5828

Bill Brawley – district 103, Mecklenburg - 919-733-5800

Chris Malone – dstrict 35, Wake - 919-715-3010

Nelson Dollar – district 36, Wake- 919-715-0795

Chuck McGrady – district 117, Henderson - 919-733-5956

Ted Davis – district 19, New Hanover - 919-733-5786

Jon Hardister – district 59, Guilford - 919-733-5191

Stephen Ross, district 63, Alamance - 919-733-5820

Greg Murphy, district 9, Pitt - 919-733-5757

Susan Martin, district 8, Pitt and Wilson - 919-715-3023


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