Oppose HB 588

On April 5th, NC legislators introduced HB 588, legislation combining multiple gun bills. NCGV strongly opposes HB 588. The worst parts of the bill would: 

  • Eliminate NC’s successful pistol purchase permitting system. This means that a convicted felon, dangerously mentally ill individual, domestic violence abuser or a minor could buy a handgun online or at a gun show, no questions asked.
  • Allow the carrying of a concealed gun at a UNC system school or a community college. This includes areas where there are children on campus, such as at university hospitals or on-campus day cares. Out of state concealed carry weapons permits also would be valid, which is doubly concerning because some states have little or no training.

In the NC General Assembly, legislation without fiscal notes or appropriations must have passed either the House or the Senate by April 27th at Midnight to stay alive. This “crossover deadline” is fast approaching.

You can help stop these dangerous provisions by calling your representative today. Find out who represents you by going here.

Here is a sample message to use:  “I am a constituent from [name your town] calling in opposition to HB 588, the catch-all gun bill.  I am particularly concerned about the elimination of the pistol purchase permitting system and also allowing guns on college campuses. Please don’t rush this dangerous bill through just because it is crossover.”

After you call, pass the alert on to at least 5 other people and let us know how your call goes – ncgv@ncgv.org.

Thank you for taking action on this important issue.

PS – Legislators tried to eliminate the pistol purchase permitting system in 2015 but because people called, emailed and showed up at the General Assembly there was bipartisan support to remove the provision.  We can do it again with your help!

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