NC Legislative Wrap Up

North Carolinians Against Gun Violence End of Session Wrap Up

The General Assembly began its 2018 short session on May 16th, and within six weeks business had concluded. During this fast-paced stretch, legislators quickly moved a variety of bills, including placing six constitutional amendments on the November ballot.

On Friday June 29th, legislators wrapped up their short session business in Raleigh- although not sine die. The legislators filed an adjournment resolution to come back the week of Thanksgiving, notably after fall elections, to hammer out details of the six constitutional amendments from the short session.  

As reported in previous updates, NCGV was on the lookout for the Senate to taking up HB746, the gun omnibus bill that included permitless carry. If this bill would have passed it would mean that people as young as 18 years old with no training and no background check could carry a hidden loaded weapon in public. Because of NCGV pressure and support, the Senate did not consider the bill. We are proud to report that your support made sure that this bill did not even receive a committee hearing on the Senate side. 

As a secondary matter, NCGV spoke with legislators and allies about ensuring that our teachers would not be allowed to concealed carry in schools.

The adjournment resolution was not "sine die" and legislators have scheduled a session in November, presumably to take up matters relating to the amendments.  Although the bill is technically not dead, it is incredibly unlikely to be taken up during that fall session.  

During the interim, legislators restated their commitment to expanding school safety, studying what more can be done, and working with community partners. NCGV will be in any relevant meetings as they take place during the interim.

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