Gun Violence is a Public Health Crisis

Gun violence happens when a person in crisis has access to a gun. Our laws can help screen and prevent people in crisis from buying or possessing firearms. To truly end gun violence, however, we need to help people not be in a state of crisis in the first place or have immediate access to a gun when they are. This requires public health interventions to help individuals and communities in crisis. Here are a few ways NCGV is addressing the people side of gun violence in NC:

Safe Storage

Safely storing firearms can prevent accidental death and reduce the rates of suicide. Click on our resources here: Safe Storage of Firearms Safe Storage and COVID 19 Safe Storage Ads

Community Violence Interruption

Gun violence in the city and other low income communities is not “Black on Black Crime”, it is the outcome of generational poverty, stress, and lack of opportunity. NCGV is committed to partnering with leaders and organizations working in communities where gun violence is a daily fear.

Domestic and Family Violence

NCGV partners with the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence to level our resources to make sure that we can prevent intimidation, injury, and death with guns in an intimate partner or family relationship.

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