Our Mission

Polls have consistently shown that the majority of North Carolinians, like other Americans, want to prevent gun violence through effective policies and laws.  North Carolinians Against Gun Violence is dedicated to mobilizing this majority and making citizens safe from gun violence, and the North Carolinians Against Gun Violence Education Fund directly supports these goals. We are building a statewide grassroots movement of individuals dedicated to reducing gun violence.

Our major strategy for preventing gun violence is through education: explaining the nature of gun violence and ways to prevent it. We also work for enforcement and enactment, through the advocacy of the enforcement of existing laws and through support of legislation on state and national levels.

We advocate approaches that address prevention, focusing on the underlying causes of gun violence, and punishment, dealing with the perpetrators of gun violence in the criminal justice system. We endorse measures that deal with the underlying reasons for violence, such as poverty, lack of jobs, family breakdown, alcohol and drug abuse, anger and despair, and the glorification of violence in the media. We endorse measures to rehabilitate young, potentially dangerous offenders, to keep abusive spouses from possessing guns, and to remove violent, gun-wielding criminals from society.

To make North Carolina safe from gun violence through the education of the public about preventing gun violence, the enforcement of current gun laws, and the enactment of needed new laws.