Letter to the Editor about National Mandatory Concealed Carry

To the Editor (of the News and Observer):

     Although legislators frequently express respect for law enforcement officers, some seem determined to make their jobs harder.  One such legislator is Rep. Richard Hudson, of Concord, NC, who recently introduced the “Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act 2017” to Congress. 

     This law exempts gun owners from following other states’ conceal carry permit laws when they travel outside their own states, as long as they abide by local laws. When encountering individuals from out of state carrying guns, law enforcement officers have no national database to ensure the individuals are permitted to conceal carry. 

      Some states have such lax laws for gun ownership that felons and individuals with a history of domestic violence and alcohol and drug abuse are allowed to conceal carry.  

     As a citizen of North Carolina, I can influence my legislators to create common-sense gun laws.  But I have no influence on legislators in Texas, Vermont, and Florida, whose gun laws are more lax than North Carolina’s.  Why should I be forced to accept their statutes in my own state?  

     Introducing this legislation, Rep. Hudson has put the National Rifle Association and a small percentage of gun owners before the safety of law enforcement and his own constituents. 

     Mary Hood Hart


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