Let's Do Something About Gun Violence

Veteran Protesting

In the months since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, we've seen a remarkable swell of support for sensible gun laws. For most of us, Sandy Hook was a horrific wake up call -- we could no longer allow our elected officials to put the profits of the gun lobby before our children's safety.

Many of us wondered how this could happen. How the place we dropped our children off each day, the place we visited to watch their plays or hear them sing, the place we thought of as safe, could become a war zone.

So many brave North Carolinians have contacted us to ask how they could help. What role they can play in tackling the epidemic that takes 30,000 lives a year. How they can take action to save mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons.

All of our voices are creating a deafening roar in this country for real change. And yet the problem seems so large, so overwhelming it can feel impossible to make a difference.

Across the country local city councils are passing resolutions to improve reporting to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) asking the U.S. Congress to pass common sense gun laws. Laws which can keep guns out of the wrong heads.

You can help!

1. Read the Resolution 

2. Download a draft letter to your city council

3. Spread the word using Facebook and Twitter



Want to do more? Take a look at our GVP Tool Kit!


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