Legislative Overview 4.6.17

Gun-Related Bills Filed in North Carolina General Assembly

House Bills

  • HB 33- Restoration of Firearms Rights – would allow those with nonviolent felonies who were convicted before December 1, 1995 and have not since committed a subsequent felony to have their firearm rights restored.
  • HB 63- Citizens Protection Act of 2017- Would increase penalties for those who may not be legally in the United States and are convicted of a myriad of crimes, including discharge of a firearm, to have a rebuttable presumption of danger to the community for pretrial release purposes.
  • HB 69 would eliminate the concealed carry permitting system. This means that people as young as 18 can carry a hidden loaded weapon in public and that people would no longer need classroom and live fire training to carry concealed.
  • HB 134- Pistol Permit/Mental Health Record to Sheriff would allow a sheriff to request disclosure of court orders that relate to mental health or capacity in order to determine whether an applicant is qualified to be approved for a pistol permit application. It removes the requirement for the signed release form for mental health records.
  • HB 138- Revise Gang Laws
  • HB 145 would expand the state right to bear arms beyond the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment by entitling people to carry hidden guns in public, without specifying the standards or qualifications. The bill would amend the state constitution and thus would have  to go before the voters.
  • HB 174 would allow a person who has a concealed handgun permit to carry a handgun on educational property that is the location of both a school and a place of religious worship outside of the operating hours of the school.  This would effectively allow Sunday school teachers could carry a gun.   
  • HB 181- First Responders Act of 2017
  • HB 201 would do away with the concealed carry weapons permit and our pistol purchase permitting system, which is our background check on private handgun sales. At present, you need a permit no matter where you buy your handgun, so if you by a handgun at a gun show or online you must have a background check. Over 20% of all gun purchases are private sales. We are one of only 19 states that have a background check on private sales.
  • HB 218- Prohibit Hunting from Row/Buncombe County would prohibit hunting from the right-of-ways of public roads in Buncombe County.
  • HB 251 would allow concealed carry permit holders to bring guns on campus. Law enforcement is strongly against this along with NCGV. There have been accidental shootings at TX, where campus carry is allowed.
  • HB 345 – Omnibus gun bill- would make various amendments to concealed carry laws in the state, including allowing concealed carry during extracurricular activities, unless those activities are on public property. It would allow retired parole or police officers to concealed carry for 5 years post-retirement. It would lengthen the concealed carry limit from 5 years to 10, and would also allow legislators and staff to concealed carry on government property.
  • HB 492- Increase Penalties for Certain Assaults, would increase the felony for a person who assaults a first responder, and includes provisions for assault with a firearm. 
  • HB 588 - The additions to the bill are roll-ins from other filed bills: Part I: Pistol Permit/ Mental Health Record to Sheriff (H134), Part II: Concealed Carry/ Church School Property (H174), Part III: Allow Concealed Carry on UNC and Community College Campuses (H251), Part IV: Various Firearm Changes (the old Omnibus bill) 
  • HB 612 - Require the State Board of Education develop a firearm education course that would be offered as a high school elective course. 


Senate Bills

  • SB109- Hate Crime Against Emergency Worker, would make it a hate crime for a person to assault an emergency worker, including assault with a firearm.
  • SB157- Amend Laws regarding Mental Commitment Bars, would allow an individual who is released from a mental illness inpatient or outpatient center to petition to a judge to have firearm rights restored.
  • SB217- Richmond/Right of Way Safety would prohibit the discharge of a firearm or bow and arrow from the right of ways in Richmond County.
  • SB344- Combine Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice, would combine the divisions of adult and juvenile justice within the Department of Public Safety.
  • SB465 - Courthouse Concealed Carry/Elected Officials, would allow elected officials to carry a concealed weapon in government buildings, including courthouses.
  • SB503 - Online Paperless Pistol Permit Modernization, would allow the pistol permit application to be online and entered into NICS automatically.
  • SB513- Same Firearm Protections for 50C as 50B Order, would enact the same process for removing firearms for a potentially dangerous perpetrator in a 50C(sexual assault civil no contact order) hearing as currently stands in 50B(domestic violence) hearings.
  • SB520- Emergency Worker Protection Act, would increase the felony for a person who assaults a first responder, and includes provisions for assault with a firearm.



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