Latest NC Gun Bills - April 2019

It is a busy time at the NC General Assembly for gun bills - both good and bad. So, it is a great time to meet with your NC representatives to talk about the importance of keeping North Carolinians safe. We have all of the information that you need to set up a meeting either in Raleigh or in your district.

Below are summaries of the gun bills under consideration in Raleigh. You can find a chart of the bills here.

The Good:

  • Allow ERPOs to Save Lives and Prevent Suicides (HB 454) – An Extreme Risk Protection Order allows family members or law enforcement to petition a judge to remove someone’s guns if they are a threat to themselves or others. According to Dr. Jeffery Swanson at Duke, for every 10 to 20 risk warrants served one life is saved. Most of the warrants issued are to prevent suicides.


  • Firearm Safe Storage Awareness Campaign (HB 508) – Legislation to fund a position and educational materials to encourage gun owners to lock up their guns and store ammunition separately. This idea came from the Child Fatality Task Force’s Firearms Working group that included both NCGV and the NRA.


The Bad:

  • School Defense Act (HB 216) – Legislation to allow any teacher to be armed and volunteer school resource officers (SROs). Volunteer SROs are people with concealed carry permits and limited training who can carry a gun on school property.


  • School Security Act (S 192) – Legislation seeks $9.3 million for gun training and a 5% bonus for teachers who participate. No one would know who these teachers are and they would have the ability to arrest people. It would also allow volunteers to be SROs.


  • Three bills would eliminate NC’s effective Concealed Carry Weapons permitting system (HB 61, 498, 499). If this permitting system is eliminated, 18 year olds with no training and no background check can carry hidden loaded weapons in public.


  • One bill (HB 498) would do away with NC’s Pistol Purchase Permitting system. This permitting system ensures that people have to have a background check no matter where they are buying their handguns, even at a gun show or online.


  • School Safety Changes for Nonpublic Schools (HB 912) - Legislation to allow individuals with carry permits to possess and carry handguns on private school grounds.  Any individual may carry handguns on school property if they are attending a religious event or within a religious building and class is not in session. It also encourages private and religious charter schools to adopt a risk management plan in cases of school violence and practice lockdown exercises.



The Ugly:

  • With many of these bills, lives literally are at stake. It is essential that we meet with as many elected officials as possible folks before these bills start moving.


Please let us know at your earliest convenience if you would like to set up a meeting with your General Assembly representatives – or 919-403-7665. The time to act is now.