Keep guns out of congregations

We are continuing to try and stop the expansion of guns in congregations that share a space with schools.  HB 174 will be on the House floor this Monday night. The bill would allow handguns on educational property that is the location of both a school and a place of religious worship outside the operating hours of the school.

This is unacceptable and must be changed.

This is where you come in. Between now and Monday night we need you to call your representative and tell him or her to fix HB174. You can find out who represents you here

Here is the message: "the Judiciary Committee had it correct the first time when they said that congregations that share space with schools need to opt in to allow people to carry guns. Please reinstate the "congregation opt-in" provision on the house floor when HB 174 is debated."

Let us know how your calls go -

Please share this alert with at least five people and ask them to call their legislators before Monday night.  This is the time that we can make a positive change in this bill.

Thanks for taking action at this critical time,

PS - Do you attend a congregation? If so, can you ask your clergy to make a phone call as well?

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