How to Ask Before You Eat

You can help keep loaded, concealed weapons out of bars and family restaurants.  The tips and materials below are to help you ask your local restaurants to post against.

Here are some helpful talking points when visiting bars and restaurants (Download Tips Here):

  • Ask owners/managers if they know about the new law.(Session Law 2013-369)
  • Let them know you choose to visit establishments that protect customer safety by prohibiting concealed weapons.
  • Talk about wanting to feel safe and how it makes you feel to know loaded, concealed weapons could be in the business.
  • Share if you have spoken with other families who oppose weapons in bars and restaurants.
  • Ask if they will post a sign prohibiting concealed weapons.
  • Let them know NCGV has free signs and helpful materials.

If you are uncomfortable having the conversation, or if the appropriate decision maker is not available, you can leave the following note with your server to deliver to the owner/manager. (You can download this letter here.)

Dear Business Owner,

As a customer of your business, I wanted to make sure you were aware of new legislation, which will affect your restaurant.

On October 1, 2013, NC citizens began having to ask their servers if the places we enjoy taking our families out to eat or socialize allow loaded, concealed guns. Many restaurant owners/managers are still unaware of this law or have not thought about how they will deal with it.

It used to be that any incident of death or injury from a concealed gun was the liability of the gun carrier but after Oct. 1st that liability is heavier on the business owner than the gun carrier. And we patrons are less safe. i.e. The business owner may be liable if a restaurant/bar chooses to allow loaded concealed guns when the establishment could have disallowed them by posting a sign prohibiting carrying a gun.

North Carolinians against Gun Violence (NCGV) has laminated signs available for owners of restaurants or bars who do not wish to allow weapons in their establishments.

You can contact NCGV to get one while they last. NCGV is also growing a list of the places we can search on their website so we know where to take our families that will still allow us to eat in peace. We would love to add your establishment to that list.

Please contact NCGV at to ask for a sign and to be included on the list.

I ask that you consider posting against. Families should not have to wonder if there loaded, concealed weapons where they eat.

Thank You.