HB 746 senate

When the N.C. General Assembly returns in May, lawmakers are expected to allow 18 year-olds with no training and no background checks to carry hidden loaded weapons in public. This is dangerous and unacceptable. 

HB 746 has already passed the House and Senate consideration in the next step.  We need you to contact state senators Alexander, Barringer and Tarte and ask them to stop this bill.

The public is behind our opposition to permitless carry.  Only 10% of Democrats and 30% of Republicans support the gun policy proposal of allowing concealed carry without a permit.

Please  call and/or write these senators and share with them why HB 746 is a dangerous bill and that you urge them to oppose it. Contact information is below:  

  • Senator John Alexander – 919.733.5850, john.alexander@ncleg.net
  • Senator Tamara Barringer - 919.733.5653, tamara.barringer@ncleg.net
  • Senator Jeff Tarte - 919.715.3050, jeff.tarte@ncleg.net

Here is a sample message:

Hi, my name is _____. I am calling to urge the senator to work to make sure that HB 746 is not brought up for a vote in the senate. I feel strongly that an 18 year-old with no training or background check should not be able to carry a hidden loaded weapon in public. This is a dangerous idea. Please get in touch with me to tell me your position on HB 746 – (contact information)