HB 69 - Constitutional Carry

On February 8th, NC Rep. Larry Pittman of Cabarrus County introduced HB 69, the Constitutional Carry Act, which would eliminate our state’s important concealed carry weapons permitting system.  This permitting system is essential because it requires classroom training and live fire training if someone wants to carry a hidden loaded weapon in public.  It is unacceptable and dangerous to do away with this common sense public safety law. 

Will you stand with North Carolinians Against Gun Violence in opposing this dangerous bill?  Your support today will enable us to be your voice at the General Assembly every day.

HB 69 also would lower the minimum age to get a concealed carry permit to 18 years old from the current 21, even though the 18 to 20 year olds  commit nearly four times as many gun homicides as adults 21 and over.[1]

Lastly, 88% of all Americans, 76% of gun owners, and 64% of NRA members favor permitting systems that require training to carry hidden loaded weapons.  They support this reasonable and rational law.

Your support, will help ensure NCGV successfully advocates against this dangerous bill and for other common sense gun laws.


  1. FBI Supplementary Homicide Report, 2012, and US Census population data, 2012. Persons aged 18 to 20 make up 4.2% of the US population and committed 17.35% of all gun homicides for which the age of the offender was known. Adults aged 21 and over are 72% of the population and commit 76.5% of all such gun homicides.

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