Guns in congregations is a bad idea

In less than 24 hours, a bill will be debated at the NC General Assembly that will allow guns in our congregations!  These are places where our children learn about our faiths, where we may take sacraments and/or offer prayers.  Wherever we worship, a place of worship is no place for firearms.

Like you, I am appalled at this notion and that is why I am writing you tonight to ask you to call and email members of the relevant judiciary committee before 1pm on Wednesday, March 22, 1017. The members are listed below.

The message is simple – Please vote no on HB 174.  We do not need more guns in sensitive places like houses of worship.  After you contact them, please let us know how it goes –


Rep. Ted Davis (R) - 919-733-5786,

Vice Chairmen

Rep. Duane Hall (D)– 919-733-5755,

Rep. Darren Jackson (D) – 919-733-5974,

Rep. Sarah Stevens (R) – 919-715-1883,

Rep. Rena Turner (R) – 919- 733-5661,


Rep. Dean Arp (R) – 919-715-3007,

Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield (D) – 919-733-5898,

Rep. Julia Howard (R) – 919-733-5904,

Rep. Grier Martin (D) – 919-733-5773,

Rep. Allen McNeill (R) - 919-715-4946,

Rep. Graig Meyer (D) – 919-715-3019,

Rep. David Rogers (R) – 919-733-5749,

Rep. Bob Steinburg (R) – 919-733-0010,

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