Extremism in Action: A Spotlight on the Gun Lobby's Radical Agenda

While polls repeatedly indicate that most Americans, including most gun owners, support a wide variety of common sense gun laws, the gun lobby remains intent on serving the demands of a radical fringe. In Extremism in Action, Legal Communities Against Violence (LCAV) highlights particularly egregious efforts by the gun lobby to further its outrageous agenda, including extreme federal and state firearms legislation, litigation that advances an expansive (and meritless) view of the Second Amendment, and other conduct that jeopardizes the safety of Americans across the United States.

The "gun control" debate in America is frequently framed as an intractable battle between two equally-extreme sides. By chronicling the gun lobby's outrageous conduct below, Extremism in Action demonstrates that, although there may be two sides to the firearms debate, one of them is advancing a platform that is out of step with the public's desire for freedom from gun violence.

LCAV will be updating their page regularly with new examples of extremism in action.

Read the full report here

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