Eat in Peace

Everyone deserves the right to live in safe communities, free from gun violence. For the past few months, many of you have worked with us to keep loaded guns out of places where children play. Now, we ask for your help again.

Just like the majority of North Carolina families, NCGV believes in sensible gun laws. In fact, a recent poll found that found  72% of North Carolinians disagree with permitting people to carry handguns in restaurants and bars. 

Despite this overwhelming opposition, this session we face another tough battle to defeat House Bill 111. A bill that would force restaurants and bars to allow loaded, hidden guns unless they post a sign. 

In anticipation of this bill, we are reaching out to local restaurants across the state to ask them to remain gun free.  Ask your local restaurants to join our campaign to promote Eat in Peace.  Please print out the pledge form and take it to the places you eat with your family.

Help us deliver the message "Just like most residents I will not feel safer with loaded, hidden guns in your restaurant. I deserve to eat in peace.”  Use this link to download the pledge form:

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