Eat in Peace

Print pledge form. 

If passed House Bill 111 will force family restaurants and bars to allow loaded, concealed guns. However, restaurants may post a sign to continue to remain gun free. 

If you own a restaurant fill out the form below to join the Eat in Peace campaign and pledge to keep your business safe for all North Carolina families. North Carolinians do not want to worry about having loaded guns everywhere we go.

Take action in your community:  Ask the North Carolina Restaurants and Lodging Association to oppose House Bill 111.


  • A recent poll found 72% of North Carolinians disagree with permitting people to carry handguns in restaurants and bars.
  • Guns in public places put us all at risk. Workers at businesses that allow guns are 5 to 7 times more likely to be murdered. 
  • Nationwide, 80% of businesses prohibit guns on the premises.

(Print out the Eat in Peace Pledge Form)

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