Bad gun bills defeated … for now. Help keep it that way!

Yes, you read that correctly.  Here in North Carolina the catch all gun bill was not brought up for a vote before the deadline for bills to “crossover” from one chamber or another.  This victory is because you called and wrote your state legislators.  Thank you!

In theory this means that the bill is dead for the rest of the session. In reality, there are sneaky parliamentary procedures to get around crossover. So we need to keep the pressure on.

Can you chip in $25 or more   today to help guarantee that we have a daily presence at the General Assembly advocating for common sense gun reform?

This bill would have allowed guns at UNC system schools and community college campuses, including day care centers and hospitals on campus.  It also would have eliminated the life saving pistol purchase permitting system that is our background check on private handgun sales, which account for 22% of all gun sales.  Another bill would have eliminated the concealed carry weapons permitting system.  None of these bills were passed before crossover.

We saw how citizen activism and direct lobbying went hand in hand to stop these bad bills.  Your contribution today will help keep these dangerous provisions from becoming law.

Thank you again for taking action to make NC safer for everyone.