AG Stein joins lawsuit to stop the 3D printing of guns

Yesterday I wrote you how a judge blocked the planned release of 3D code hours before it was set to hit the internet.

Today, I want to share that NC Attorney General Josh Stein has now joined 10 other new attorneys general who brought that lawsuit since. This is important as the judge’s decision only lasts until August 28th, meaning additional legal action is critical.  

We commend AG Stein for standing up for public safety and couldn’t agree with him more when he said on WECT Wilmington:

"These plastic guns are incredibly concerning to the public safety...somebody could manufacture a firearm in their home that is undetectable by metal detectors, has no serial number, could be used in the commission of a crime and law enforcement would have no way to use the weapon or the ballistics in order to protect the public," Stein explained.

"They're illegal, currently, but what we don't want is to make it easy for people to engage in illegal acts and that's why we went to court and succeeded."

AG Stein needs to hear from you that he did the right thing. 

  • Please email him using this form and share why you think that 3D printed guns are dangerous
  • Write a letter to the editor sharing why AG Stein did the right thing and the dangers of 3D printed guns. We would be happy to review anything that you write.

Here are some talking points that you can use as to the dangers of 3D printed guns

  • 3D guns are created without a serial number and therefore untraceable.
  • There are no background checks to make a 3D gun. That means that minors, criminals, and terrorists can create a gun no questions asked.
  • 3D guns are plastic and therefore undetectable by regular detectors.

Opponents argue that the company making 3D guns has a First Amendment right to publish these files, making it sound like a recipe to make these guns. The code is actually active and ready to go with the push of a button. We must counter this argument with urgency to ensure that the code is not released to the general public. 

If you could, please let us know after you take these important actions –

Thank you,