About Minutes Matter

Suicide is preventable.  Studies show most youth suicide attempts are impulsive – often a same day or even a same hour decision.  Unfortunately, when provided easy access to firearms their rash decision can be a permanent one.

In fact, 82% of youth who attempt firearm suicide use a family member's gun and 2/3 of these guns were left unlocked.  Keeping firearms safely stored can save a teenager’s life.  Yet sadly, in North Carolina, almost 50% of families report leaving their weapons unlocked and/or loaded.  Minutes Matter.  Take these steps to help prevent youth suicide.

Minutes Matter is a prevention program focused on educating North Carolinians on the link between safe storage of firearms and preventing adolescent suicide deaths.   Through Minutes Matters we reach families across the state with the information they need to protect their loved ones.  In addition to our training and materials – a key element of the programming is distributing gun trigger locks. When used properly these locks can, and are proven to, save a teen’s life.

Thanks in part to support from the  AMA Foundation Healthy Living Grant and Strowd Roses,Inc. Charitable Foundation

This program is based on the research and work of the Harvard School of Public Health - Means Matters

For more information:
North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (NCGV)  919.403.7665 NCGV@NCGV.org www.ncgv.org

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