About NCGV

For 25 years NCGV has worked as the only statewide non-profit organization dedicated to reducing gun death and injury. Every year in North Carolina over 1,000 individuals lose their lives to gun violence and an estimated 3,000 more are injured by a firearm. We lose a child a week to firearms, often in a child’s own home. Gun violence is a national epidemic regardless of age, race, or community. Gun violence is taking the lives of our children, our parents, and our neighbors. NCGV is a membership organization with members across the state. Our membership is a diverse group of parents, gun owners, youth, law enforcement officers and anyone who believes we can do something to end gun violence. 

Polls have consistently shown that the majority of North Carolinians, like other Americans, want to prevent gun violence through effective policies and laws. The North Carolinians Against Gun Violence Education Fund is dedicated to mobilizing this majority and making citizens safe from gun violence. We are building a statewide grassroots movement of individuals dedicated to reducing gun violence.


What We Do

In nearly every community across North Carolina gun violence has taken the life of a community member and in every community gun violence threatens the lives of thousands more. NCGV serves as a resource to anyone concerned with the elevated level of violence in our state. NCGV members directly educate families on gun safety including safe gun storage and prevention of accidental shootings. Since 2007 we have distributed more than 5,000 gun safety locks to gun owners with children.

Advocacy Efforts

NCGV advocates for the enforcement of current laws as well as for more comprehensive firearm laws which better regulate NC gun dealers and apply higher fees for federal firearms licenses.

We work with and support law enforcement. Almost 50 police chiefs and sheriffs signed our statement to support renewing and strengthening the federal Assault Weapons Ban, which unfortunately expired in 2005.

NCGV works for increased enforcement of laws, such as Safe Storage, which prosecutes adults whose improperly stored guns are used by children, and our Gun Tracing law, which provides a system for NC law enforcement to trace all guns used in crimes.

We support laws that ban assault weapons, regulate guns as consumer products, strengthen the current safe storage law, require reporting of lost and stolen guns, close the gun show loophole, require background checks on all purchases, and limit handgun purchases to one per month.

NCGV opposes laws that give immunity from lawsuits to the gun industry, allow guns on school grounds, allow guns in restaurants, bars and playgrounds, make it easier for juveniles, criminals and the adjudicated mentally ill to purchase guns.

What You Can Do

Get involved! NCGV works with concerned citizens across North Carolina to reduce violence. NCGV members each do what they can-- distribute materials at public events, write letters to the editor, coach a sports league with at-risk youth or talk with their representatives. NCGV members recognize that as a community we have an obligation to prevent needless deaths and injuries. However you would like to help, your help makes a difference.


For more information contact NCGV-

North Carolinians Against Gun Violence Education Fund
PO Box 51565
Durham, NC 27717



NCGV keeps all user information confidential.