Speak Up to Support our Gun Laws and Oppose “Second Amendment Sanctuaries”

Oppose Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions 

Did you know that at least 20 NC counties have passed Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions? These resolutions declare or imply that state gun safety laws do not apply in their communities, with some going as far as refusing to enforce and dedicate tax-funded resources to the implementation of state gun safety measures.

However, the courts decide if a law is constitutional, not local government and law enforcement. Courts have overwhelmingly upheld gun safety laws as fully compatible with the Second Amendment.

While unconstitutional, these Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions are still dangerous as they imply there is government legitimacy to disregarding our gun laws. This is perhaps most worrying in the context of protections for victims of domestic violence.

Will you contact your county commissioners today to say that our state gun laws work to save lives and that Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions would jeopardize the safety of people in your county? Here’s the message:

We are concerned that a local sheriff may take an extreme stance on not enforcing a gun law that they disagree with. Does that mean they won't use county resources (like staff time) to remove weapons from domestic abusers who make credible threats to harm a partner or child?

Moreover, a county that refuses to enforce a state law opens itself up to lawsuits. We do not want our tax dollars to be used to cover court costs defending these resolutions. 

Passing such a resolution could harm a county's economy. We have seen corporations around the country adopt stricter gun policies - it's an undeniable growing trend. We do not want to see potential businesses leave or not locate in a county because corporations are scared off by such a resolution.

Please contact your county commissioners today to express your support for our state’s gun laws and oppositionto Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions.

Let us know if you contact your county commissioners either by phone or email and what response you get – ncgv@ncgv.org .

We also need people to write letters to the editor in your local paper. Please contact us for talking points and tips for writing a letter to the editor. Elected officials read the opinion pages in their local papers.