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    It’s a shame that nothing has been done about these assault rifles ! Common sense laws that banned the general public from owning weapons of mass destruction such as the AR15 must be passed . We had such laws then law makers bent to the NRA and the gun makers will and the results have been horrendous ! Those who failed us in 2004 have blood on their hands for every mass shooting involving assault weapons and large clips ! Biden tried after Sandy Hook and was met with the same republican ignorant NRA position ! SHAME ON THEM !! The guns and clips need to be bought back by gun manufacturers and tough laws passed to enforce their ban ! The NRA uses fear to fuel their position and the greedy gun manufacturers are turning a blind eye and laughing all the way to the bank ! AND our children are dying !! Do something or get out of the way !

    Ban Military-Style Assault Weapons


    As you likely know by now, the Florida high school shooter, the Las Vegas shooter, the Orlando shooter, the Sandy Hook shooter and many others, used military-style assault weapon. These weapons are designed to kill as many people as possible as efficiently as possible. They should not be available to civilians.

    It is well past time for the Congress the United States to act.

    Please tell our Senators to ban military-style assault weapons now. Add your name to the petition today.


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    Dear Senators Burr and Tillis:

    Yet again the nation faces a tragic massacre helped along by easy and inappropriate access to military-style assault weapons. This time it is 17 dead at a Parkland, Florida high school. Before that it was 58 victims in Las Vegas, 26 killed in Sutherland Springs.

    Military-style semi-automatic assault weapons are designed to efficiently kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time available. There is absolutely no reason for assault rifles, assault pistols, and assault shotguns to be sold on the civilian market.

    Congress did not act after Aurora, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas, Southerland Springs and many other devastating mass shootings. It’s high time Congress stopped sacrificing lives and work to address this crisis before even more lives are lost.

    We ask that you act now to prevent more carnage by supporting an effective ban on the civilian use of these weapons. Military-style assault weapons, high capacity magazines and bump stocks do not belong in our homes, our streets, our schools, our malls, our movie theaters, our places of worship, or in any of our other gathering places. It is well past time to act but it’s not too late to spare more Americans from death at the hands of killers using these weapons of mass destruction.

    Thank you.


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