Raleigh vigil held to bring attention to gun violence

On December 15th we held a Vigil to End Gun Violence at Davie Street Presbyterian Church in Raleigh. It was one of over 350 events throughout the country.

Everything went very well. We had dynamic speakers from the LGBTQ, Christian, and Muslim communities along with a survivor.  It reminded us of the daily toll gun violence has on a community with the death of a loved one. Rev. Byron Wade did a fantastic job pulling the event together at the end with a message of hope.


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Tacoma police officer dies after shooting at East Side home; gunman not in custody

The 60th police officer to be killed by gunfire in 2016 — up from 39 in 2015



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Why Not Smart Guns in This High-Tech Era?

“The Department of Justice has issued official guidelines for the manufacture of smart guns — weapons that, like smartphones, have technology to allow only the rightful owners to use them. The guidelines aim to ‘shape the future of gun safety technology,’ as called for under an executive order issued in January by President Obama, in the face of Congress’s refusal to deal with the nation’s horrendous toll of gun deaths.”


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Suicide Experts Urge States to Tweak Background Check Laws to Account for Emergency Gun Transfers

"A new paper argues that current policies can leave family members and friends unclear about how to legally remove a firearm from an individual in crisis."


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An accidental shooting kills a child every other day — far more than the government reports

“Bryson shot himself last January with a .22-caliber Derringer his grandmother kept under the bed. It was an accident, but one that could be blamed on many factors, from his grandmother's negligence to the failure of government and industry to find ways to prevent his death and so many others.”

We need to strengthen our Child Access Prevention laws to protect our children from accidental deaths and suicide. Please contact us to get involved in protecting our children necgv@ncgv.org.


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Texas University Put On Lockdown Amid Reports Of Armed Man Later Found To Just Be 'Open Carry' Fan

Yet another reason why campus carry is a bad idea.

“SAN ANTONIO, TX -- The unintended consequences of the state's "open carry" law -- enabling gun owners to carry their long rifles freely to express their ardent support of the 2nd Amendment -- was dramatically felt at a university placed on lockdown as a result.”




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The Many Costs of Campus Carry

"Campus carry undermines this kind of critical debate. I can’t help but think that this is what the architects of campus carry wanted. Still, the quest for the freedom to learn must continue."

— Minkah Makalani, Associate Professor in the African and African Diaspora Studies Department at the The University of Texas at Austin


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Amazingly, There Is No Federal Law Against Gun Trafficking

"The fact that we don't have a federal law prohibiting firearms trafficking is simply outrageous."

— Late Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson


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Suspects on loose in San Francisco school shooting

This is horrible and should never happen in our country.

“(CNN)The shots rang out, one after the other, outside San Francisco's June Jordan School for Equity on Tuesday afternoon. At first, students shrugged off as a prank; that was, at least, until school officials triggered an immediate lockdown.

“In the end, four students were shot in the parking lot of the small public high school, San Francisco Police Officer Carlos Manfredi told CNN.”


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'A bloody scene': 3 killed, 12 wounded in gun battle at West Adams restaurant

This is so scary. People should be able to eat in peace (and go to church in peace, go to the playground in peace, etc.). Our thoughts and prayers go out to this community.

Los Angeles police are searching for several suspects in connection with the mass shooting at a restaurant in the West Adams district that left three people dead and 12 others wounded.

“Three men left the restaurant, returned with firearms and began shooting, police said. Others at the restaurant also opened fire, and some diners were caught in the crossfire, Preciado said.”


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