'Who points a gun at a baby?' Road rage incident frightens Wendell family

WRAL, 9.27.17


A Wendell family threatened with a gun as they drove through Raleigh relived their terrifying brush with road rage Monday as their alleged attacker appeared in court.

34-year-old Dameel Walker is charged with hit-and-run and pointing a gun.

The driver, a grandmother who didn't want to give her name for fear of reprisals, said she was driving her son, daughter-in-law and 2-year-old grandson on Capital Boulevard Saturday afternoon when she noticed a car following too closely. It followed the family onto Interstate 440, the driver yelling and making hand gestures, she said. She pulled over to let him pass, but he continued to drive close to her and then pulled out a gun.


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Illinois teacher tackles gunman to save students’ lives during school shooting

New York Daily News. 9.21.17

An Illinois teacher who took down a student gunman after he opened fire in the high school cafeteria ended a dangerous situation before it escalated to tragedy, authorities said.


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Shooter kills one, wounds 7 at Tennessee church

CNN, 9.25.17

A Bible lay on the ground Sunday near where a worshiper was earlier shot dead outside her Tennessee church, allegedly by a former member of the same congregation.

The shooting took place the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, a neighborhood in Davidson County governed by Nashville.
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Road rage, a bullet to the head – and the frantic effort to save a four-year-old

Stop!' Hill screamed, turning to check on her son, who, just before midnight on Aug. 6, had become one of the nearly two dozen children shot — intentionally, accidentally or randomly — every day in the United States. What follows almost all of those incidents are frantic efforts to save the lives of kids wounded in homes and schools, on street corners and playgrounds, at movie theaters and shopping centers.


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Domestic violence homicide rate drops with stricter gun law, study finds

Los Angeles Times, 9.19.17

When domestic violence offenders are required to relinquish their guns, instead of simply being barred from owning firearms, the risk that those offenders may kill their partners goes down, a new study finds.

The paper, described in the Annals of Internal Medicine, highlights a simple method for lowering the risk women face of being killed by an intimate partner: Enforce the laws already in place.


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Congress goes for its guns

The New York Times, 9.15.17

The gridlock in Congress has been so bad that there’s even been a shortage of insane gun bills.

Really, there’s nothing we anticipated from the Trump era more than a flood of totally irrational legislation on behalf of the gun lobby. And right at the start, Congress came through with a new law expanding Americans’ ability to purchase weapons despite severe mental impairment. Exactly the kind of thing we were expecting! But since then, there’s been kind of a lull.

Until this week, when a House committee approved a bill making it much easier to buy gun silencers. 


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6/4: ‘Protection of the public is paramount’ with regard to concealed-carry bill

Great letter to the editor in the News and Observer

"Regarding the June 1 news article “Bill would end requirement for concealed-carry permits”: This is a very bad idea. I have a driver’s license; similarly, I have a concealed-carry permit. With both, I had to demonstrate a knowledge of safety regulations and legal responsibilities when operating these 'machines”'that can maim and kill."


Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/article154238919.html#storylink=cpy
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Concealed handgun permits would no longer be required

"North Carolinians Against Handgun Violence issued a statement saying it was disappointed that concealed weapons carriers would no longer have to undergo training:

"'Without these classes, the public cannot be certain that a gun owner is knowledgeable of the rules and laws of carrying a hidden loaded weapon in public. In addition, 18-21 year olds commit nearly four times as many gun homicides as adults 21 and over.'"

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/news/politics-government/state-politics/article153607339.html#storylink=cp


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Latest NC Firearm Poll from Elon University 5.2.17

"N.C. voters are largely opposed to expanding the ability of gun owners with concealed carry permits to bring their firearms onto private property or college campuses. The Elon Poll found that 74 percent of voters oppose allowing gun owners to bring firearms onto private property against the property owner’s wishes, compared with only 20 percent who favor that right. The opposition to this legislation ranges from 89 percent among Democrats to 51 percent among Republicans. Thirty eight percent of Republicans favor such a measure compared to only 9 percent of Democrats.

"There was slightly less opposition when the property owner is a college or university. Sixty nine percent of N.C. voters are opposed to allowing gun owners with concealed carry permits to bring firearms on campus and 24 percent in favor, with a strong divide based on party. Among Democrats, 92 percent are opposed compared to 51 percent of Republicans. Forty one percent of Republicans support such an idea compared to 5 percent of Democrats.

"Female and black voters have the strongest opposition to firearms on campus. Eighty three percent of black voters oppose such a move compared to 65 percent of white voters, and 74 percent of female voters do not think firearms should be brought on campus compared to 62 percent of male voters.

"'The overwhelming majority of North Carolina voters are opposed to concealed carry permits overriding the interests of private property owners and college leaders,' Husser said."


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LETTERS, April 12: The wrong focus on gun violence

What is driving violence?

EDITOR: In a month, four people have been shot to death in Wilmington. Two alleged shooters and one victim were 17. At least three bills in the General Assembly would either erode or do away with our current handgun permitting system and concealed carry standards. A fourth bill would allow conceal carry on state college campuses. Gun violence and gun safety are serious issues that affect all of us whether we own guns or not.

The Celia Rivenbark column “Guns in a Bookstore, Really” and the responses to it certainly reflect genuine feelings on both sides of the “gun issue.” Unfortunately, they are perspectives that never find common ground. Rather, they reflect the endless back and forth about guns that misses the real issue -- the nature of violence in our society and the fear it engenders.

Until we are willing to listen to the “other guys” point of view and start a genuine dialogue about our differences, how can we begin to understand why resorting to violence seems all too often to be the default solution to conflict, and a gun, when available, the preferred means to resolve that conflict?

We desperately need to take the discussion to a new level. More guns or less guns is a response, but not a solution to violence in our society.

Donald Arabian, Wilmington


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