'Ghost Voters' Appear on D.C. Sidewalks to Highlight Gun Violence

"States United to Prevent Gun Violence continues to highlight the devastation wreaked by guns in America with an outdoor and social media campaign that gives a symbolic 'Ghost vote' to a person who has died due to gun violence."


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Gwinnett child’s accidental shooting latest in series of gun incidents

"In November, police say a 6-year-old found a loaded gun tucked between cushions of a sofa in her family’s southeast Atlanta apartment and ended up shooting herself in the head. Separately, a 2-year-old boy was killed in Jackson while playing with this twin brother in what appeared to be an accidental shooting."

#Enough Contact us at ncgv@ncgv.org to get involved with the ASK campaign that focuses on locking up guns where there are children present.


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Gun control: What works, what doesn’t and what remains open for debate


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At least 265 people were accidentally shot by kids this year

"This type of thing happens more than it should. At least 265 children under the age of 18 picked up a firearm and accidentally shot themselves or someone else with it in 2015, according to numbers compiled by the gun control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety.

"That works out to about five accidental shootings by children each week this year. Of those, 83 ended in death: The underage shooters killed themselves 41 times and other people 42 times. It's important to note that this tally only includes accidental shootings. It doesn't include homicides by teens and suicides."

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The Right to Sue the Gun Industry

"In seeking justice for their children and their community, these parents could help rein in a runaway industry and reduce a grievous national affliction."

We couldn't agree more.


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Targeting the tragedy of kids and guns with better data

“Last year at least 278 children unintentionally fired a gun and injured or killed someone. In 2015, we found 278 incidents resulting in at least 88 deaths and 194 injuries — though there may well have been more.

“Kids such as the 5-year-old in Missouri who was playing with his grandfather's handgun when he fired it, killing his infant brother. Or the 3-year-old Ohio boy who found his mother's handgun in her purse and discharged it into his own chest. Or the 4-year-old son of an Alaskan state trooper, who found his dad's personal weapon and was looking down the barrel when it went off.”

Lock up your guns!  Contact us at ncgv@ncgv.org to get a free gun lock.

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How the NRA is 'Making a Killing' Off Women's Lives

"Greenwald investigates how the lucrative firearms industry and the NRA are putting people's lives in danger by opposing common sense gun reform -- all in the name of turning a profit.

" 'The NRA is a lobbyist for the gun companies, and there's a significant profit motive at stake,' he said. 'All of us are in greater physical danger because of this.'

"The film pivots around five stories of gun violence: mass shootings, unintentional shootings, suicides, the impact of gun trafficking and domestic violence shootings."

Contact us at ncgv@ncgv.org if you want to show this movie in your local community.

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Mass shootings are already far ahead of last year’s pace

"So far in 2016, 49 mass shootings in the United States have left 73 people dead and 178 wounded, according to data collected from a Reddit thread that chronicles gun violence through crowdsourcing news reports. The subreddit’s criteria counts a shooting if a minimum of four people are wounded by gunfire. The combined total is up by one-third compared to the same time last year."

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New NC Gun Law Requires Mental Health Checks

"HENDERSON COUNTY, N.C. -- A new law in North Carolina requires mental health checks from every county in the state where a handgun permit applicant has lived.

"In some counties, the new check is stopping some people from buying a gun who wouldn't have otherwise been caught by the federal system that was in place before December 1."

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President Obama's Response to Recent Mass Shootings

"I hope all of you pay attention to this. I hope the media pays attention to this. Once a week we have these shootings, and it doesn't dominate the news. And that's got to change,

“These acts may not dominate the news today but these are two more communities in America that are torn apart by grief. And I thought it was important for me to say something today because somehow, as I've said before, this becomes routine,

"We cannot become numb to this."

-President Obama

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