Annual Appeal

Dear NCGV Supporter,

It’s hard to find the right words after Sutherland Springs, just as it was after Las Vegas. And Columbine. And Sandy Hook. And Charleston. And Orlando. And 104 times every day, when an American loses their life to gun violence.

We offer our prayers and thoughts out of respect for the victims. Yet that can seem hollow in the face of such preventable, senseless and repeated carnage. The United States has by far the highest gun death rate of any developed country in the world. Yet Americans aren’t more violent or insane or hate-filled. The explanation is plainly obvious: our extraordinarily lax gun laws.

This simply must change. We must continue raising our voices. We cannot back down. Lives depend on it.

Can you take a stand now for safer communities by donating $50 or more today?

Our work is making a difference. For example, our legislators in Raleigh considered a number of reckless proposals this past year. We helped stop them.

  • They proposed a law making it legal for anyone 21 years old or older to walk onto a college campus in North Carolina—with no questions asked—carrying a hidden loaded weapon. We defeated it.
  • They proposed a law making it legal for anyone in our state to buy a handgun online or at a gun show, including domestic violence abusers, convicted felons, minors, and those who are experiencing a mental health crisis. Again, with no questions asked. We defeated it.
  • They proposed dismantling our concealed carry permitting system. We stood strong.

Yes, we and our allies succeeded in holding off dangerous legislation that would have increased gun violence in our state.  And we continue to work against similar measures.

We will continue calling for legislators in Raleigh and in Washington to do what’s right: work across the aisle for comprehensive gun violence reforms. Support the ban on military style assault weapons. Oppose deregulating silencers. And protect the concealed carry permitting system.

Can you join us by donating $50 or more today to prevent gun violence and save lives?

We are now planning our 2018 work, which will include the launch of an ad campaign featuring elected officials, gun owners, law enforcement officers, and others who support the concealed carry permitting system. Our strategy is to persuade through honesty and authenticity and to shift North Carolina’s leadership toward common-sense gun violence prevention.

While we mourn together we also must continue to act together. We are making a difference and your support will help expand our impact.

Thank you for your consideration,

Becky Ceartas

PS.  While we’ve mentioned $50 or more, that’s just a suggestion.  We greatly appreciate your gift of any amount.