Support Strong Provisions in HB 562

Urgent- Please sign our petition below to members of the General Assembly and Governor McCrory to preserve key pieces of HB 562 that protect North Carolinians from gun violence!

House Bill 562 is under debate in the General Assembly. We need your help to keep these key pieces of the bill intact:

  • Keeping our successful local pistol permitting system
  • Prohibiting stalkers from ever getting concealed carry permits
  • Prohibiting guns at the General Assembly
  • Preserving doctors’ ability to ask about guns in the home and allowing them to share information about gun possession with law enforcement officials

Please sign the petition today. Then share this petition with your friends and ask them to do the same.



Dear Members of the General Assembly and Governor McCrory: 

The undersigned North Carolinians voice their strong support for key provisions of HB 562 that protect North Carolinians from gun violence by preserving our successful pistol permitting system, prohibiting handguns at the General Assembly, prohibiting convicted stalkers from getting concealed carry permits, and allowing health care providers to ask their patients about guns in written questionnaires and share information about gun possession with law enforcement officials.

The pistol permitting system has been North Carolina’s solution to a federal exemption that allows private dealers to sell a gun without performing a background check.  We are one of 18 states that require all dealers, including private ones, to perform a background check. In states like ours that require background checks for private handgun sales:

  • 46 percent fewer women are shot to death by their intimate partners
  • There are 48 percent fewer firearm suicides, while the rates of all suicide methods are nearly identical
  • 48 percent fewer law enforcement personnel are shot to death with handguns

By keeping this successful permitting system; keeping handguns out of the General Assembly; prohibiting people who have been convicted of stalking to get a concealed carry permit ever; and allowing health care professionals to discuss gun safety with their patients and law enforcement officials, our state will be safer for all of us.

We urge you to keep these key provisions in HB 562.


Will you sign?