Oppose HB 562

Urgent- Contact our state legislators and governor to oppose legislation that makes us less safe!

House Bill 562 is under debate at the general assembly. We need you help to stop this bill that would:

  • Eliminate our successful local pistol permitting system;
  • Allow guns on the state fairgrounds except on rides
  • Allow guns in locked vehicles at all K-12 schools;
  • Require private employers to allow guns in locked vehicles in parking areas at their workplace.

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Dear North Carolina General Assembly and Governor, 

The undersigned North Carolinians voice their strong opposition to provisions in HB 562 that put residents of our state in grave danger by expanding the kinds of places where guns are allowed and removing the pistol permitting system.  

The pistol permitting system has been North Carolina’s solution to a federal exemption that allows private dealers to sell a gun without performing a background check.  We are one of 17 states that require all dealers, including private ones, to perform a background check. In states like ours that require background checks for private handgun sales:

  • 46 percent fewer women are shot to death by their intimate partners

  • There are 48 percent fewer firearm suicides, while the rates of all suicide methods are nearly identical

  • There are 17 percent fewer firearm aggravated assaults

  • 48 percent fewer law enforcement personnel are shot to death with handguns

HB 562 — by eliminating this successful permitting system; allowing more criminals to carry hidden, loaded firearms in public; requiring arduous requirements for gun-free signs; requiring employers to allow employees to secure a handgun in their vehicle at work; allowing concealed carry by people who are in locked cars at schools; and allowing guns at the N.C. State Fair everywhere but on rides — makes our state less safe for all of us.

We urge you to oppose these provisions.



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